Sunday, April 21, 2013

Springtime in Alaska

I arrived in Alaska just in time for spring. The photos might confuse my friends from southern latitudes. There is still a good bit of snow on the ground in Anchorage, but it's rapidly melting and the geese are flying. It's also light noticeably later than it was when I first arrived.
Technically this the Yukon, but I like the picture Corrie took.
Stopped to put gas in the truck at sunset in the Yukon Territory.
Icicles on my dad's house. I'm told they has since fallen.
The view is pretty nice once you get above the snow. 
We almost had Denali NP to ourselves.  
Corrie at Denali NP.
Filling a water bottle on the side of the road. 
Denali from the Parks Highway

From the trail behind my house.
Sunset over the Cook Inlet.
Downtown Anchorage at sunset.
A perfect spring day at the lake...
Corrie slipped off the packed trail and broke through the crusted snow layer.
Liz and Kelly enjoying the sun at Portage lake.

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