Tuesday, December 11, 2012

England 2

When driving around a country on the wrong side of the road it's nice to bring a good navigator. I picked my friend Corrie up in London and we rented a car for my second week in England. Our timing was pretty good on that as rain was causing flooding all over England and shutting down some of the trains. 
Hadrian's wall with Isaac. 
Corrie and I on the way back from the wall museum. The wind almost put my hood on for me. 
We took a day trip up to Hadrian's wall with Isaac.  It was a nice drive, but didn't really go the way we planned. Our guide book was a little out of date and didn't mention that museums were only open on weekends in the winter months. So we really just saw the grass covered remains of the wall running through the country side. We also "discover" a hidden pothole under a puddle can put a hole in the sidewall of a tire. Thankfully we discovered that right in front of and Inn and were able to mostly stay warm while we got it fixed. I was a little appalled to discover rental cars in the UK don't include a spare tire. To be fair, I've never checked a rental can at home to see if they have one. 

Another day trip was to Stonehenge.
The drive to Stonehenge was much smoother that the trip to Hadrian's wall. Just as we started wondering if we were in the right place, we went around a bend and there it was right next to the road.

The audio guide said they still don't know the original purpose of Stonehenge. Charging 10 dollars to see 4000 year old ruins, I'm pretty sure it's actually a monument to capitalism... 

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