Thursday, October 18, 2012

Everest Trek, Kala Patthar and base camp

Since we arrived in Gorak Shep before noon I decided to climb Kala Patthar after lunch to watch the sun set. Turns out I was a little over ambitious and climbed past the peak and up the ridge to 18,500 feet according to the GPS. I made good time going up and had several hours to watch the clouds roll by before sunset.

Everest and Nuptse
Mt. Everest
That's the highest i've ever climbed... 
Looking down the valley across the clouds.
For my NM friends. Thanks for the pin Vince.
Thanks everyone at RIEtech. I've gotten a lot of milage out of you gift card. 
The start of sunset. 

The setting sun really shows just how much taller everest is. 
The last rays.
It was a bit of in international party on top for sunset with an Irish couple and a new friend from Norway on top with me. We all made our way back down in the dark. I was late for supper and it was cold, but it tasted fine anyway after the hike and it was totally worth a cold supper to see the sun setting on Everest.

The next morning I hike up to Everest Base Camp with Lee and Marion. It was another one of those short hikes that takes a while in the the thin air. But we had plenty of time at base camo since we decided to spend two nights in Gorak Shep instead of one.

Helpful sign here...
Heading up the valley.
The tents of base camp are on the left edge of the glacier.
The sell "everest water" in bottles, but it's just not the same as drinking it straight from the glacier... 
Everest ice.
The glacier was surprisingly easy to climb here. 
Marion took a nap while Lee and I were climbing around on the glacier. 
Base camp panoramic. 

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